Puberty please be gentle on my skin

Puberty. Puberty, brings hope for all of us. For some it brings hope of becoming a bombshell, for some growing by a few inches to reach a decent height. But with hope, puberty also brings skin problems 😢. Here are a few homely remedies that will help you in your struggle.

1. How to deal with acne:
We all are aware of the benefits of Aloe Vera gel, you can make Aloe Vera gel at home too! All you need to do is take some Aloe Vera and slice it into half. Use a spoon or a knife to scrape out the colorless jelly into a bowl. Now blend it for 5 minutes and there you have your Aloe Vera gel ready!
Apply the gel on your face like you apply your moisturizer, except you need to wash it off when it dries.
2. Getting rid of blackheads:
Apply Aloe Vera gel as usual. When the gel dries, use a wet sponge to remove the blackheads.
3. Tata-byebye to chapped lips:
Applying a thick layer of lip balm or petroleum jelly before a hot shower helps the jelly penetrate into your skin properly. It will remove the dead skin layer and give you luscious lips. (Sounds seductive, I know 😂)
4. Short and thin eyelashes? Worry no more:
Apply petroleum jelly on your eyelashes with your fingers or an old (but clean) mascara wand before hitting the bed. This will help your eyelashes grow longer and thicker.
*But remember to wash it off the next morning.
5. Twice a week:
Choose a face pack that suits your skin type. I prefer the Himalaya Neem Face Pack. Use it twice a week and done! A good face pack will help prevent most of the skin problems.

These remedies will help you to an extent. Some might not work as per your expectations but one thing that will never disappoint you is Water. Drink lots of water. It will not give you instant results but it will help you in the longer run.