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Take a break (Part V)

Previously: Take a break (Part IV)

Arjun looked into her eyes and said, “Your eyelashes are not long” Simran looked at him in disbelief. Arjun laughed and Simran joined in later. Arjun had to leave, after he left Simran locked the door and stood there in silence. Arjun started running towards his house, he wanted to reach before Simran got to know that he’d left his cellphone at her house. He wanted to meet her again. His ma hugged him as soon as he reached, he hugged her back. Arjun couldn’t sleep that night, all he could think was of Simran. He fell in love with the sparkle in her eyes when she spoke about something she loved, he fell in love with her fearlessness, her dimples, the way her tiny nose and ears turned red when she blushed, her soft lips that almost met with his. He thought of that moment when he was the closest to her. There was a tension between them before Arjun spoiled the moment, he regretted it now. Arjun gets up next morning and sees his ma packing her clothes. “Where are we going ma?”
“No we, only me. Your mama is going to pick me up in 2 hours, we’re going to Shirdi.”
Arjun looked at her as she ran all around the house for a thing that was in the bedroom itself. His mama reached and pulled his cheeks like he were a chubby 10-year-old. Arjun watched them as they left. His thoughts were interrupted by a telephone call. He picked up and Simran spoke from the other side, he felt butterflies in his stomach as if she was in front of him. “Am I talking to Arjun Deshmukh?”
“Yes Simran Sherawat, you’re talking to me” Arjun laughed.
“Mr. Deshmukh, you left your phone on my dining table. Come and take it.”
“Oh! So it is at your house, I’ve been searching for it since morning.” Simran knew he was lying but she let it be.
“I’ll be there in an hour, is that ok?”
“Ok. See you”
“See ya”
Arjun got ready, cautiously choosing his clothes and his perfume. He left in his car. Simran’s house was a 20 minute drive from his house. Arjun rang her bell and she had flour on her nose and cheeks, seemed like she had been baking something. Arjun gets in and sees his phone lying on the dining table.
“I saw your phone when I sat there to have my breakfast. I called you right after that.” She smiled.
“Oh. What are you baking btw?”
“Cookies. I’m baking cookies for my next video.” Arjun and Simran giggled as they remembered their last video’s experience.
2 hours into baking and they looked like flour ghosts. Simran threw some flour on Arjun playfully and he took it to another level. While the cookies got ready, Arjun put his arms around Simran as they watched their video together. They ate the cookies sitting on the kitchen floor. Arjun wiped off Nutella from her lips, how badly he had wanted to kiss them. “When do you have to go back to Mumbai?”
“In 3 days, but I can stay here for another week. My boss wouldn’t mind.” Arjun pauses. The tension between them could be cut with a knife. Arjun pushes away the cookie bowl and leaps and kisses Simran. He stops in between and looks at Simran, he heard her whisper something under her breath. He whispered, “I love you too.” Simran pulls him and kisses him passionately. Simran ran her fingers through his hair and he pulled her closer to him. In that moment they knew, this was it.
“The time I spent with you felt like a break from my otherwise boring life but now I want you to be a part of my life, I want to see you everyday…” Simran interrupted him, “Are you always this boring?” Arjun had a poker face. Simran giggled and kissed him again, did they need any more words to describe what they felt? Nah!

2 years later.

They were having a Haryanvi marriage. Around Arjun there were Haryanvi women speaking something in the local language which seemed scary to the Marathi speaking Arjun. He didn’t get a word but assumed they were blessing him. But when they stopped talking, Arjun looked in a direction and saw a group of women coming towards the mandap, there he saw a woman dressed up in a red-gold Phulkari. He was in awe after seeing his bride, their eyes met and both of them blushed. Well, that was some masala for the aunties around.
They went to Maldives for their honeymoon, as Simran enjoyed herself at the beach Arjun clicked pictures of her. He stopped to look at her, she loved beaches and he loved her.
Ma stayed back in Pune to take care of her NGO. She loved children and so she started an NGO for the welfare of orphan children. Simran moved to Mumbai with Arjun and started her own business.

None of them knew a ‘break’ could change their lives like this.
So, When are you taking a break?



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