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Take a break (Part IV)

Previously: Take a break (Part III)

Simran tells the idea and Arjun looks at her in shock with his mouth wide open. “No! We’re not doing this. No!”
“Simran?! Where are you going? No we’re not doing this!”
Simran didn’t listen to anything that he said. She handed him a pair of clothes and asked him to change. He had no option but to do what she said, after all he had promised her. After they change, they stand outside a grocery store and Simran waits for the shopkeeper to signal her. Simran starts following a man and so does Arjun. Out of nowhere Simran’s partners appear. They stop the man and tell him to show the contents of his bag, the man was taken aback to see policemen standing before him, asking him to show the contents, he does it anyway. Simran comes running towards them and looks into the bag, she pulls out a tiny bag containing a dozen of eggs. She takes out an egg and drops in on the footpath, to everybody’s shock there was no egg yolk/white. There was white powder all around the broken egg-shell. Simran looks at the man and accuses him of being a drug smuggler, she held him by the collar and pushed him in a car. Arjun was supposed to act like their boss but instead he was scared, like a chick would be of an eagle. The other partners in crime put hand cuffs around the man’s wrist. Arjun tried stopping them when the man started crying. They all stopped, it was awkward to see a 40-year-old sitting in a car crying like a toddler. They point towards a hidden camera in the car and tell him to calm down as it was only a prank. He gets mad, he takes out his phone and calls someone. Suddenly there were real policemen surrounding them. Simran looked around and there was only Arjun with her, the other partners ran away. Simran looked at Arjun apologetically. They got to know that the man they were playing pranks on was the MLA’s son-in-law. Simran and Arjun were in a locker. Arjun looked at Simran and giggled, his giggles turned into laughter, Simran looked at him, horrified. She thought he’d got a shock, she was worried for him. Arjun hugs her and says there’s nothing wrong and that they’d leave them by evening. He explained that his father was a lawyer and had contacts, the police officer sitting in front of them knows Arjun since he was 9. Simran gave a big sigh of relief, but it also meant that Arjun’s ma will get to know about all this nuisance. Simran apologized for all that she did. Arjun low-key enjoyed it, he had never done anything like this before. It was in that exact moment that he realized how boring his life was before, he did not like his job and his life back in Mumbai. He understood that he needed a break like this, his mind and body needed to take a break. They spoke about anything and everything in those 10 hours of being prisoners. They spoke about love affairs, what they wanted in their lives, their ideal marriage, etc. Those 10 hours felt like 20 mins to Arjun, he adored Simran, he adored the sparkle in her eyes when she spoke about her dreams, he adored how she would make a face when she spoke about something she didn’t like, he loved it when her ears turned red when she blushed. She’d just graduated and was taking some time off to figure things out. Arjun found himself attracted to her, he asked himself ‘Do I love her? Maybe.’
It was 9 pm, the police officer opened the locker and told him that his mother was on-line. He picked up and, he did not have to say a word, his mom shouted from the other side and all he could do was listen and agree to whatever she was saying. Ma finally hangs up. They step out of the police station and there were Simran’s partners, ex-partners now. She did not say a word, she held Arjun’s hands and walked away from them. They tried stopping her but she didn’t. Her house was at a distance of 500 mts, she took him home. She lived in an apartment alone, all by herself. Her parents lived in Pune itself but she moved out because she wanted to be independent. Her house had everything in place, Simran seemed to be like Arjun’s ma. She gave him his clothes to wear. “I’ve to leave, ma must be waiting” said Arjun. Simran held him by his elbow and hugged him. Arjun stood there startled, she seemed to never let him go. Arjun looked in her eyes and..

To be continued.



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