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Take a break (Part III)

Previously: Take a break (Part II)

One of the three men comes forward and punches Arjun. Arjun punches the man back with three times force and his senses stop working for a second. The other men look at Arjun in shock. The girl hiding behind Arjun starts laughing. The men look at her and then at Arjun and join in her laughing. Arjun thought they were psycho and starts moving away from them without making them notice it. The girl holds his hand and Arjun gets paranoid. Instead she points towards a hidden camera and tells him that she was a Youtuber and was playing pranks on people for her next video. Arjun gives a big sigh of relief and starts laughing too. He gives the man he’d punched a bro hug and apologizes, they all laugh out loud. The girl’s eyes fall on another man who’d be perfect for her prank and starts following him, the three men go behind her. Arjun sits on the bench and watches as they play the same prank on another person. After the they finish it there, the girl and the men wave each other good-bye and the girl comes near Arjun’s bench to take her hidden camera. They smile at each other and she sits next to him. She puts her hand forward and says, “Simran Sherawat”. Arjun shakes hands with her and introduces himself. Arjun asks her YouTube channel’s name so that he could watch her videos. After that little exchange their eyes lock and there was silence, no words spoken. She gets up first and says she’d to leave, Arjun gets up too and shakes hands. They bid good bye and walk in opposite directions.
Arjun makes tea for his ma for the first time. His ma was surprised. They cook dinner together and finally his ma asks, “What’s wrong with you?” He only smiles back and takes the rice bowl to the dining table. Arjun looks at his ma and her face was unusually red, he realises that she had been crying. He doesn’t make it obvious that he saw her crying. Ma hated when she cried and hated it even more when someone caught her crying. They have their dinner in silence. “Ma why don’t we start packing? You’ll have something to do, it’ll be nice” said Arjun. Ma only nodded. Arjun got an ice cream tub for his ma, she loved ice cream. After insisting a lot she agreed to watch movies. She and Arjun sat and watched movies the whole night. The next day they woke up late. Arjun made breakfast for his ma. She liked it when Arjun cared for her. Arjun helps her with the dishes. Ma gets a call from one of her friends who invited her to her grandson’s baby shower and naming ceremony. Ma says no at first but after Arjun insisted she agreed to attend that function. Arjun took ma to the venue, the grannies and aunties take his ma away and Arjun was left behind. Arjun looks around and he finds the same girl he’d met yesterday, Simran. Simran was standing alone too, Arjun walks towards her and says hi. Simran looked so glad to see somebody she knew. They honestly did not care about the function they were there for the food. They get themselves food, a lot of food.

Uhm, I get it that you work at a high position for Varija, but tell me about you, what about YOU?” Asked Simran. “I am a very boring person, what do I tell you?” Arjun laughed. Simran narrowed her eyes and said, “Why don’t you join me in my next video? We’re playing pranks on people.” 


“This time it’s going to be different! Trust me.” 

Arjun thought for a while and said yes. Simran squealed out of happiness. They exchange their phone numbers. Arjun does a backtrack in his head. 😂

“So tomorrow it is. Come to the same park and we’ll start our work” Simran said, rubbing her palms. She laughs at her own gesture. Arjun joins in.

When the function gets over they smile and part ways. In the car, ma asks about Simran. He tells her how they met and ma laughs her heart out. “You like her, don’t you?” Asked ma. Arjun shook his head and drove seriously. Ma sleeps within minutes of reaching home, she was very tired. Arjun kisses her forehead and puts the lights off. The next day he wakes up early and is in the park on time, Simran tells him the next video’s idea.

To be continued



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