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Take a break (Part II)

Previously: Take a break (Part-I)

Arjun starts running towards his car and jumps into the driver’s seat. He came running to his car but as soon as he sits, he freezes. After sitting there for a while he starts driving, he drives to Pune. Non-stop for 3 hours. He parks his car outside his house and gets in. There were close relatives and friends at home. He sees everybody sitting around his papa’s picture and his dead body and a pandit chanting something. His mother looks up and is surprised to see her son standing at the door with tears in his eyes. Ma gets up and hugs him tightly. Ma and beta have a moment there. The prayers are done and now Arjun had to do the most difficult task of his whole life. He had to carry his father’s body to his funeral. As he carries his body, he realises how he had failed to understand the value of memories before this moment. With each step put forward there came a memory before his eyes. He sat next to his papa in the jeep. He looked at his face. He still looked like the best lawyer who’d do anything for his job. Lawyer skills ran in his veins, you know. ‘Those skills won’t leave him even in his next life’ thought Arjun. Arjun had to give his father the final goodbye. Watching the flares rise as they consumed his papa, Arjun felt a knot in his throat. On his way back home he gets a call from his boss. He tells him the situation and informs him that he’ll be back in a week, before the boss could say anything Arjun hung up. When he reaches home, he sits next to his widow ma. He looks around his empty house. They have dinner in silence. For the first time in 5 years he realized how old his ma had grown. He asks his ma to move with him to Mumbai. To which she agrees but not before spending a few days in their old family house. Arjun sleeps next to his ma that night. He felt peace, his breath calmed. He had almost forgotten what it felt like to relax. Sleep came to him within minutes.
Arjun wakes up the next morning and finds himself sleeping on his papa’s side of the bed. It takes a while to realize he is no more. His ma was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Ma’s name was Sumati Deshmukh. From Arjun’s childhood she’d made sure to put a strong front before him, she was an ideal figure for Arjun. Arjun goes in the kitchen and hugs her from behind. Sumati tells Arjun about this girl she knew who’d be perfect for him. Arjun makes a face and she laughs. “When are you going to marry? You’re 27 and single. Do you have a girlfriend? Do you like somebody? Are you still a virgin?” Arjun looks at her in astonishment. Ma stops what she was doing and makes a serious face, “Are you gay?!” “MA?!?” both Arjun and ma laugh their hearts out. They have their breakfast together. Ma spent some time with her friends and Arjun went for a walk. He sat on a park’s bench and listened to music for some time. A girl comes running towards him, it seemed like she was running away from someone. Arjun gets up and she hides behind Arjun. There were 3 men before him, all muscular and young. Arjun is scared, very scared. One of the three men comes forward and is about to punch him.
To be continued.



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