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Take a break (Part-I)

He headed to his office from his old 1 BHK apartment, in his same old car. He spent his whole ride cursing Mumbai traffic. He is Arjun Deshmukh. A  27 year old man who leads a very boring life but he has a job that pays off his expensive bills. Arjun reaches his office and enters the elevator. He is forced to smile and greet his boss. As they step out, his boss asks him to meet him in his cabin in an hour. Arjun nods and starts walking towards his cabin. He sits on his chair and takes a look at the to-do list for the day. The list included tasks like completing the sales presentation, checking unread emails, paying bills, etc. As he was lost in his thoughts, the peon knocks and informs him that the boss wants him in his cabin in 5 minutes. Arjun rushes towards his boss’s cabin. The boss had a real name too, Mr. Subhash Katheriya. Arjun knocks at his door and Subhash looks up from the laptop screen and signals him to take a seat. Subhash starts off seriously but what he says later, puts a big smile on Arjun’s face, Arjun was one of the most promising employees of Varija Pvt. Ltd! He was chosen to get a contract that could shoot up the company’s reputation in the market by 10 times! He had to give a presentation in a week and convince the business tycoon of the city, Mr. Sameer Singhaniya to invest in their company. If Arjun was successful in getting the contract for the company he would be promoted and he would get a salary raise too! Arjun was on cloud nine, he was waiting for an opportunity like this since- what seemed forever. He goes to his cabin and starts working on his presentation without wasting any time. He gets so engrossed in his work that he forgets about everything else. His mother called him everyday since the news of his promotion hit her but Arjun would ignore her calls saying that he was busy and that he would call later. Eventually his mom stopped calling. He had put his best in the presentation. Finally, the day comes and Arjun gets ready for his big day. He looks into the mirror and says, “I can do this.” As he heads towards the car parking he gets a message that said that his father is no more. The world stops for Arjun. He didn’t see that coming, he felt sorry for his mother. He felt guilty for not being there when she needed him the most. He wanted to hug his ma and say sorry for his huge mistake. He calls his mother and she picks up, she starts crying about her husband’s sudden death. He died from a heart attack, the doctors couldn’t save him. Arjun feels guilt. He promises to meet her after his big presentation. She blesses him and hangs up. Arjun sits in his car and leaves for his office. He reaches and the peon tells him that the boss was waiting for him in his cabin. Arjun enters his cabin and the boss throws a I’m-so-sorry-look at him. Arjun was surprised at that, the boss then tells him that Vivek Sharma-Arjun’s colleague stole his idea and gave it to Vikas Pvt. Ltd. and now he was the new CEO of the company. Arjun’s dreams shattered right there. He had been waiting for this opportunity for far too long and someone else took it away like it never belonged to him. Arjun walks out of the cabin and goes back to his cabin. He sat there for really long, thinking of all the hard work he did. He opens the drawer for his car keys and there was a picture of him with his ma and papa. He actually missed his papa. He gets up from his chair in a jolt and starts running towards his car.

To be continued



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