Some regrets stay forever.

It’s weird how anyone can leave behind a void in your life when they die. It could be anyone; it could be an aunty that goes to the same departmental store as you. You might have got used to see her every weekend but when you don’t, you wonder where she would be. When you come to know she’s no more, you have this sensation of tiny needles poking your heart, though she was no family to you. The whole thing leaves you thinking about them. You think of how alive they were and how they’re not, anymore. That body, that used to walk around with a soul is now rotting somewhere with no mark of life. The very thought of death sends a chill down everyone’s spine.

This was about someone who is a stranger (or maybe a half-known person). When a family member dies, it’s worse (maybe the worst?). When a family member dies they leave behind a whole lifetime of memories to think about. They leave behind a void you can’t come over, because they are blood. Life would be much easier if we could meet our dear ones, even after death.  A son wouldn’t bury his face in a pillow and cry thinking of his mother, a thousand souls would tell us how they were killed or things they never told anyone. Most importantly, no one would have regrets, regrets about not being able to meet someone for the last time, or not being able to tell how much you loved someone.

Some regrets are buried within you and some are buried with you. This is why I say,

“Some regrets stay forever.”


Author: Aishwarya Mishra

I write sometimes. I act too.

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