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Love Forever IX


Some days pass by, ma works hard on her writing pieces and of course Rudraksh always helped her.
“RUDRAKSH!!” ma shouted climbing up the stairs to Rudraksh’s room.
Rudraksh almost spilled his can of Red Bull. He started running towards the voice and clashes with his mom.
“What?! Are you okay? Did something happen?” Rudraksh almost shouted.
“You know what? GUESS!” mom said excitedly.
“I don’t know?”
“Oho. You men can never be interesting. You know what! I got a job! Finally!!” she squeaked and then hugged Rudraksh.
“Oh my god! Yes!” Rudraksh was really happy.
“When are you joining? Show me the placement letter.”
“They’ve only emailed me as of now. The HR head said I’ll receive the letter in a day or two.” she gave a big smile.
“Okay. Let’s celebrate?” asked Rudraksh.
“Any restaurant you choose! Get ready.”
“Italian today, pleeeaassee?” stretching the ‘please’ Rudraksh pleaded. Mom liked Indian more but agreed anyway.
Ma and Rudraksh go to Rudra’s favorite restaurant and spend the evening outside. Ma doesn’t keep track of time and forgets they had to be home before dad reached. She suddenly remembers and pulls Rudraksh towards the car, he was astonished and kept questioning his mom. She finally answered halfway to their house.
“Dad must’ve reached by now. He will be very angry on me.” She was worried.
“You will soon leave him, why care?”
Ma doesn’t answer to this.
“Ma? You will leave him right? You will give a divorce or not?” he asked doubtfully.
“Let me drive first and reach home fast.”
“This is unbelievable. Seriously.” He said, disgusted.
She drove in silence. They reach home and open the door. Mom starts searching for dad around. He suddenly appears and slaps Rudraksh.
“What the..?” he was shocked.
“Which girl are you behind?” looking towards ma, he said shivering in rage “This boy will spoil my reputation. I’ve earned it by hard work. You know how much it took to bring Avasar to these heights? Bloody bastard!” He was breathing hard.
“Yes, I know how much it took for you. I know. Who else will?”
“Rudraksh! Shush.” Ma whispered.
“It took your son’s happiness and freedom. It took ma’s self-respect. I fucking know.” He was furious.
“Look at how he’s talking to his dad.” He was looking towards ma. “You think you have the caliber to ever make any business this big and your mom, you think she would be alive if I had not married her when she couldn’t even afford a plate of food? Huh? I’ve told you. Nupur is your future and no other girl.”
Rudraksh looking towards mom. “Ma, you still won’t leave this guy? You still won’t?” Ma looked helpless at what answer to give. “Okay. I’m leaving this house. Screw you dad.” He said it while waving his middle in the air. Rudraksh went to his room and started packing his bag. He could hear dad breaking his beloved imported vases in rage, mom tried controlling him but to vain. There was silence after some time. Rudraksh heard a knock at his door. He turned and saw ma.
“Rudra” ma was sad.
Rudraksh turned his face, still packing his bag.
“Which girl was dad talking about?”
“Why do you care? Care for your bloody husband.” He said rudely.
“I care for you the most and this is why I’m asking Rudraksh. Why don’t I know about this girl? Hm?” she said in a calm tone.
Rudraksh started crying. He recited everything. Ma was listening to him and her mouth was a little open in shock as she absorbed everything he said.
“Had I known about this I would never let it happen.” She said, hugging Rudraksh who was broken.
They sat in silence.
“I’m going to the court tomorrow. I’m walking out.”
Rudraksh raised his head from her lap and looked into her eyes. Ma put his head back on her lap and caressed his hair. Rudraksh falls asleep in no time and ma put a blanket over him and left the room.
The next day, at Avasar head office Mr. Singhaniya gets court’s order. He’s shocked! This was the least expected. He was holding his divorce papers! He had an important agent waiting but he left everything and rushed home. He reaches home and opens his room and goes numb, Mrs. Singhaniya left his house, she walked out of the house. He went upstairs to see Rudraksh’s room, as expected it was empty too. He tried calling them. They had probably blocked his number. He wanders around the city, finally calls up his wife’s parents and ask them if they knew about their daughter and tells them about the divorce. They were shocked and that made it clear that they didn’t know about Mrs. Singhaniya either. He hanged up. He went back home like a poor soul.
He sat on the sofa and stared at the family pictures hanging on the wall. He realized he had become an animal over the years, an animal hungry for fame and money. Thinking of the early years, he cried. He cried bitterly. His heart felt warm, it melted after decades. He wanted her back. He wanted to go back in time and make everything okay but also wanted to let her go. He agreed. He agreed Mrs. Singhaniya deserved more. He let her be.
After 6 months…
They get divorced and Mrs. Singhaniya asks for nothing, no share in the property, nothing at all. They go separate ways after that. Miss. Agni Kaur (Mrs. Singhaniya) decides to never look back at her hurtful past.
5 years later.
Agni Kaur is now a motivational writer and speaker. She also runs a NGO for women. After her divorce she led the life she wanted.
Mr. Singhaniya is always neck-deep in work maybe that was the only way of distraction for him. He didn’t marry again.
Rudraksh is a handsome man of 22 now and also a winner of the leading singing show ‘Suron Ke Sikander’ he now playbacks for the Bollywood industry and is in a relationship with none other than Kiara!
Kiara is in the fashion industry and is one of the most renowned designers.
Kiara and Rudraksh are soon to get married.
They lived happily ever after. 



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