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Love Forever VIII


Rudraksh enters his ma’s room and is shocked to see her bleeding and crying helplessly on the floor. Rudraksh knew who had done it. He runs towards his mom and helps her get up and pours out a glass of water for her. He helps her clean her wounds and calms her down. Finally, when she seems okay Rudraksh asks her who did it, though he knew.
“Beta, nothing. Just forget about it.” said ma.
“I know who did it and why he did it. Dad came home drunk didn’t he?” Rudraksh said, clenching his fists.
Ma looked at Rudra and started crying helplessly. Rudraksh tried holding her shivering body. She was in pain.
“Ma, why are you still with this man?”
“He’s your father beta. He provides us with our needs. I can’t leave him.”
“Ma, you think these cars and luxury, this house make me happy? No ma. Living with peace will make me happy. You and me in a small house, that will make me happy. Why don’t you take a divorce? It’s high time you know your worth. You’re not worth being beaten up every day by a drunken man for no apparent reason, actually you don’t deserve being beaten up for any reason. You’ve given your best to this marriage ma. Stop. Stop now. No more trying.” Rudraksh said emotionally.
“How will I fulfill your needs after the divorce? And our society will never accept this. Your Nana-Nani will never approve of this.”
“Ma, why don’t you apply for jobs? Why don’t you start writing again? I’m sure you can take your talent further. That way you can earn.”
“But.. but beta. I don’t write that good. I left writing long back. No, this won’t workout.” Ma said hesitantly.
“Ma. Sometime, at least sometime think of you. Please ma. This time it’s not just about your hobby but also about leading an independent and respectful life ahead. Please.”
“I need some time maybe. But about the divorce, beta I don’t think that can happen.”
“I know. You don’t feel confident about this divorce because you’re still dependent on dad. Start working on your skills and get a job that promises to pays you well. Then apply for the divorce. Better? Hm?”
“Okay.” ma said with a big smile and was happy about her 17 year old son.
*How mature has he become* she thought.
“Now go and sleep. It’s late. Help me with this new idea tomorrow ok?” said ma happily.
“Yes ma. Always.” Rudraksh kissed his mom on her cheeks.
“Goodnight beta!”
Rudraksh while going back to his room realizes he did not tell his mom about Kiara, but then the situations weren’t right to bring up the topic so he decides to wait for a better opportunity.
The next morning, he wakes up with a smile since Kiara had called him up early in the morning. He picks up and they talk non-stop for 2 hours when Rudraksh’s ma knocked at the door. He hangs up and opens the door.
“Come down for breakfast. Your favorite today! Paneer Paratha!! Come fast.” said ma excitedly.
“Yaay! Okay. Give me 5 minutes.” Rudraksh was happy. Life seemed good after years!
Later that day, Rudraksh as promised helped his mom with her writing piece. They worked together for hours. Finally, ma finished and asked Rudra to read it. He found it impressive.
“Start looking for jobs! Send this to the leading editors in town I’m sure you will get a good response!”
Exactly at that time Rudraksh’s dad decides to walk in the study room out of nowhere and listen to their conversation.
“What? What job?” asked dad.
Rudraksh and ma were scared at this question.
“No.. nothing. We were talking about Rudraksh. He wants to do some internship. We were talking about that. Nothing else.” Ma said with confidence though she was scared on inside.
“Okay. But remember one thing Rudraksh, you will handle my business after I retire. Don’t dream of anything else.” Dad said with a dry tone. He was stone hearted.
This made Rudraksh angry, but he only looked away from his father.
After dad walked out.
“Kya beta? Dhyaan rakhna chahiye na?”
“Chuck it. Back to you, start applying for jobs. End this marriage and lead a life you deserve.” said Rudraksh professionally.
“Yes, beta.” Ma gave a big smile and kissed Rudraksh.
Ma and Rudraksh spend quality time together. After finishing the writing piece they order pizza and watch DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) for the 100th time, it was ma’s favorite movie.
It was one of the best days for Rudraksh and his mom.
The day ends.



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