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Love Forever VI


Rudraksh opens the box and is shocked. It had all the gifts, cards, dry flowers, pictures that Rudraksh gave Kiara while they were dating. Rudraksh felt numb, he could feel his back simply evaporating in the air, leaving behind this uncomfortable warmth in him.
With a heavy heart he takes out all the contents of the box and places them all around him. He looks at the framed picture in his room. After sitting like that for hours, he decides to meet Kiara and talk to her. He gets up and starts walking towards the door when, a piece of paper comes under his foot and he picks it up. It was a letter from Kiara, which read..
Whatever we had between us is past now. We both know I need to fall out of love. I’m returning you every possible thing that reminds me of you, because I really need to do this. Just let me be. I want to be okay. Again.
Rudraksh’s heart sank reading the letter. Someone knocked the door, Rudraksh got alert and stuffed everything right back into the box.
“Come in.”
“Beta go take a shower, dad says we need to go out for a function and he wants you to come along.” said ma.
“I am not interested.” said Rudraksh angrily, clenching his fists. “I don’t want to live my life according to him.”
Ma was shocked at this reaction of his and asks, “What’s wrong, Rudra?”
“Just go away and leave me alone.”
“But, tell me. What happened? I’m your ma, beta. You can share with me.”
“Just go ma, I want to be alone.”
“Okay.” said ma sadly.
Rudraksh spent the day alone, all by himself in his room. His phone rang, Vedant’s name flashed on it. Rudraksh answers the call,
“Yeah, dude. What’s up?” said Rudraksh as normally as possible.
“I want to meet you as soon as possible.” said Vedant, in a hurried tone.
“What happened?”
“Just come over at my place and I’ll explain you everything.”
“Okay.” said worried Rudra.
Rudraksh saw his notifications and saw Nupur’s, his new girlfriend’s missed calls, but he ignored. He jumped out of his bed, grabbed his bike keys and ran down the stairs. Ma asked him that where was he going, to which Rudra shouted back “Vedant’s place!” “Be back soon, beta.” “Yes ma.”
Rudraksh reaches Vedant’s place and rushes in. He says the normal hellos and HI’s to Vedant’s mom and asks her about Vedant.
“He must be in his room.”
“Oh, thanks aunty.”
Rudraksh enters Vedant’s room and asks him,
“Kya hua?”
“Your so called ‘bae’ came to know about all that happened at the school trip!”
“What?! How?!” asked Rudra shockingly.
“Someone must’ve seen you and Kiara together, dude. She called me up and was very pissed. She also told me that she called you, but you didn’t pick up.”
“What the f***?! Could this get any worse?!”
“Rudraksh, listen to me.”
“Is there anything left?!?”
“Calm down. Listen. We should try sorting out things. I can only advice you, rest is up to you.” Vedant takes a sharp breath and continues. “You need to go and explain everything to Nupur, I mean it, every effing thing. I know, she’ll understand. Go and talk to Kiara after that. Things will be fine, I’ll come with you, and I’ll always be with you. Just gather courage once; for once raise your voice against your dad. He can’t be the one trying to control your and your ma’s life always.”
Rudraksh takes a deep breath and goes quiet. Vedant sits next to Rudra with hopeful eyes.
Rudraksh suddenly gets up and says,
“Okay bro.”
Vedant simply follows him.
Rudraksh drives his Dio through the heavy traffic and reaches Nupur’s house. He parks his bike and goes at the door, he raised his hand to ring the bell and to his and Vedant’s surprise, Nupur is already at the door! She tells them to get in. They get into her room, Nupur furiously said, “Begin.” to this, Vedant and Rudraksh look at each other. Vedant breaks the silence and says, “Nupur, stay calm and listen to what Rudra has to say.” Nupur looked at Rudraksh, still angry.
Rudraksh begins,
“Nupur, I really didn’t want it to come to this extent, where I have to explain why I failed to be a good boyfriend and get committed emotionally to you. But here I am, like a loser, trying to explain what made me a loser.” Nupur looked confused, but Rudraksh continued anyway.
“I was forced into this. I was forced by my dad.”
“What?!” Nupur was shocked.
“Yes, Nupur. You were kept completely unacknowledged about this, but it’s high time you know. You know why our parents are always behind us, trying to get us together and send us on dates? No. You don’t. This is an effing drama scripted by our parents to save their businesses.”
“What do you mean?”
“You went into depression after your Dadi’s death. Your parents were worried about you. Remember when my dad threw a party at his 21st wedding anniversary?”
Nupur nodded a yes.
“Remember we met there for the first time? We enjoyed each other’s company and seemed happy to our parents. That’s when the whole ‘script’ crept into my dad’s brain. His business is going in a loss; he needed someone to invest in his drowning business. He saw this as a great opportunity and spread a rumor about you and me liking each other and being in a relationship.”
“It wasn’t just him Rudra. I told my mom I liked your company, that evening. I didn’t know she would take it seriously. When I heard about the rumor myself, I thought you liked me. So I started feeling for you too.” said Nupur sadly.
“No. I was with Kiara then. We were in a relationship. This rumor spread like forest fire, when Kiara heard about it, she broke down and she cut all contacts with me. I tried telling her about the truth. I tried. She thought I was just playing around with her. When she didn’t listen to me, I lost my temper, that’s when I asked proposed to you. I’m sorry Nupur I know I should have told you this earlier. Nupur, I really love her. I love Kiara, dude.”
Nupur was quiet; with tears in her eyes she got up and rushed towards the door.
Stay tuned to know what happens next.



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