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Love Forever V

Previously in love forever:

Next morning,
The teachers wake up the students early as they had to leave early for sight-seeing after which the trip was supposed to get over and they would go back to Pune.
Rudraksh was asleep, Vedant tries waking him up but to vain, so he sits on Rudraksh. He finally wakes up and shouts at Vedant with all the strength he could gather early in the morning.
“What the heck are you doing?” shouts Rudraksh.
“Get up dude. We are going for sight-seeeeeiiing!” says Vedant excited.
“Shut up okay. Let me sleep.” Rudraksh says groggily.
“Jaanu get up.” Vedant says seductively.
Rudraksh finally gets up and throws Vedant off him. All the guys including Vedant start laughing till their stomach pains. Rudraksh goes out to brush his teeth and he sees Kiara trying to dry her not so wet hair with a towel and smiling at the sweet sunlight peeping from behind the mountains early in the morning. He is fascinated by her beauty and stares at her with his mouth wide open, Kiara catches him staring at her and walks away.
“Maybe she’s still upset about last evening” says Rudraksh under his breath and heads away for bathing.
All the students are made to assemble and get on the buses. They visited the Tiger point, Venna lake and a few more places.
Rudraksh seemed upset thinking about Kiara the whole time. When asked, he’d say “Nothing dude, this trip is just too boring for me.”
They head towards Pune as the trip had got over. On the way back they stop at a local dhaba for dinner. Everyone just attacks on food because they were *that* hungry. Kiara was with her group of friends suddenly, when a drunken man appears on their table and tries teasing Kiara. She gets uncomfortable and looks at her friends, they try shooing away that man but he just won’t go away. Rudraksh sees this and comes to Kiara’s rescue and punches the man in the face so hard that he starts bleeding. This catches everyone’s attention and they surround to know what the matter was. Rudraksh kept hitting the man till he fell on the ground unconscious. No one could stop him not even Kiara. Suraj sir jumps in between and holds Rudraksh till he is calm and is no longer trying to hit that man. The dhaba owner apologizes for the scene that was created and offers first aid for Rudraksh who was bleeding.
Rudraksh looked at Kiara and noticed she was sobbing and had tears in her eyes. They kept looking at each other forgetting about the rest of the people present around them. Suraj sir starts the basic aid to heal Rudraksh’s injuries, where Kiara suddenly says she wants to do it. Kiara with a lot of care puts anti-septic solution on his wounds. Rudraksh froze, his time froze, his world froze, and he realized he had completely fallen for Kiara all over again. When Kiara gets up after doing her job, Rudraksh holds her hand and says,
“I’m sorry for yesterday Kiara. I really am. I did it without thinking much. It just happened.”
“Let’s go back to our bus. We’re getting late.” said Kiara and walked away towards the bus.
Rudraksh felt helpless again. He wanted to hold her, hug her for really long and tell her how much he loved her. He was lost in thoughts when Vedant appears from nowhere and shockingly asks him,
“What got into you, dude?”
“I love her.” said Rudraksh softly, with watery eyes.
There was silence, absolute silence. Vedant didn’t say anything. He silently listened to Rudraksh who was reciting him about the camp-fire evening. Rudraksh pours his heart out to Vedant, his best friend from grade 1 and goes quiet. Vedant breaks the silence and suggests that they better go and sit in the buses or they would get left out.
They go sit in the buses. While everyone else is asleep, Rudraksh is awake for really long. When he opens his eyes he sees a big banner saying, “Welcome to Pune”.
They reach school in 20 minutes and see their parents who’d come to pick them up. Rudraksh gets down and searches for his parents, but they are nowhere to be seen. He goes back to Vedant and says that he was sleeping over at his house for the night. Vedant was okay with it. They reach Vedant’s house and sleep.
The next morning Rudraksh leaves for his house. He knocks at the door; his mom opens the door,
“Beta, I’m sorry for being late to pick you up from school.”
“It’s okay ma, I was with Vedant.”
“You should have at least dropped me a message Rudra. I was worried. Thanks to Vedant’s ma, she called me up.”
“I’ll take care next time.”
“Better. And and! This pretty girl came in the morning and left a big box for you.” said ma, teasingly.
“Did you ask her name?”
“Yes, she told me her name. Well, um, wait a second.”
“Yes! Kiara! Yes, Kiara was her name.” said ma, excitedly.
Rudraksh turned back and looked at his ma in shock and rushed towards his room.
He saw the box and its contents and went numb…
Next part coming up soon.



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