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Love Forever IV

Previously in Love Forever:

The students come out at 6 in the evening and to their surprise, there’s nothing arranged. Yes, nothing at all.
Some are still lazy to think of anything as they were still sleepy, some were disappointed. The teachers come and declare that they were going to have a campfire that evening, and also the dinner had already been arranged. The love-birds get really happy because campfire meant a night full of enjoyment and time with their respective ‘baes’. The wood is brought, burnt and the fun begins.
They decide to play Dumb Charades, they play, they get bored, then Antakshari, they get bored and eventually feel like they have nothing to do in this God damn world. Most of the teachers retire to their beds. Some students too get bored and choose to sleep. Now, there were remaining 12 students and 2 teachers, both young.

Rudraksh and Kiara suddenly exclaim,
“Let’s play truth or dare!!”
Their friends start giggling and teasing them. Kiara gets irritated and that is seen on her face, Rudraksh says, “Great minds think alike” and winks, Kiara rolls her eyes and looks away.
They start playing. So first to twist the bottle was Vedant, Rudraksh’s best friend. The bottle points towards Sandhya Ma’am the youngest faculty member and also the prettiest woman in the school campus (all the guys had a crush on her). She chose truth, Vedant grabs this opportunity and asks “How many boyfriends have you had and which one out of them was the best and why?” She was shocked at how fluently he asked the question as though he had been waiting all his life to ask this. Everyone thought she got offended, Rudraksh poked his elbow on Vedant’s thigh. She looks up, has a smile on her face, and says “Suraj” everyone turns to the other faculty member sitting with them. Suraj sir was as young as Sandhya ma’am and was also handsome. He nodded to this and adds “We’re getting engaged soon.” People were shocked but make up and congratulate them. Vedant twists the bottle again and this time it was Kiara’s turn, she chose truth too. Everyone went Boo. “You never choose dare! Why?” Vedant asks, she says “My choice” in her feminist tone. Rudraksh blushes over this gesture of hers.
It was Sayli’s turn to ask her a question, she was too lazy to think of a question so mutters, “Whatever Vedant asked ma’am.” There’s this awkward silence for a second, as everyone realizes Rudraksh was her only boyfriend and she probably loved him the most. Sayli tried covering up and asks “Your first kiss?” Things got more awkward. She asks another question “porn?” that was something really random. Sayli wanted to kill herself. Kiara answers ‘Yes’. Awkward silence again. Rudraksh and Vedant go “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”, she nods. It takes time for them to absorb this, since Kiara seemed really innocent. They continue the game. Some students too go to their beds, there were only 8 students now. The best of friends. All love birds except Kiara and Rudraksh, they were “ex-lovebirds”. They get bored and stop the game, they start talking normally.
Kiara’s phone rings, it was her daddy who called up. She starts talking, actually rather shouting, no proper network in those hills. She gets up and starts wandering around to get network and be able to talk to her daddy. Rudraksh’s eyes were only on her. He could hear her speaking, “Yes daddy.” “Ok daddy.” “Yes yes.” then she hangs up, but doesn’t come back towards the campfire, rather walks around. Rudraksh seeing this goes behind her, asks her “What’s up?” she turns and says “Nothing, daddy called.” Rudraksh was surprised that she didn’t answer in disgust this time. They talk for some more time “normally”.


“Yeah.” she turns towards him.

“I still love you.” he says this and freezes. He just said it without actually thinking about it.

Kiara seemed calm, as though she was waiting for something like this and continues walking.

Rudraksh heard her say “Sure.” under her breath.

He runs behind her holds her arms and pulls her closer. They look straight into each other’s eyes. The world seemed to have stopped for them. Rudraksh pulls her closer, their noses were now touching each other. They could feel each other breathing. Rudraksh gives Kiara a peck on her lips, she is taken aback for a while. She looks at him and then his lips, Rudraksh comes forward and kisses her again. She doesn’t reciprocate but doesn’t drawback also. Kiara realizes whatever was happening was wrong and so pushes him away and starts walking towards the camp.

Rudraksh had never felt so helpless before, he wanted to hold her, kiss her lips, bite on them, he wanted to hug her and make everything go back to how it was, back to how ‘they’ were. All their memories together came back to him like a kaleidoscope of memories. Suddenly Vedant comes and taps his shoulders and asks what was he doing there, he says nothing and they retire to their camps for the day.

Next morning…



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