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Forever. (Love Forever II)

This is a sequel of a previous post:

Things had changed a lot after their split. They were now strangers, strangers who knew each other’s deep secrets. Both seemed to have moved on. Once upon a time it was awkward to not to talk to each other, now leave alone talking, it was awkward even if they knew that they both were in the same room.

He keeps staring at her. She knew he was, but pretended she didn’t. Finally, he gathers some courage sits next to her and tries making a conversation. The eyes in the class widen and people start gossiping. He doesn’t care. She looks at him in disgust, also she’s concerned of what people might be talking about her.

They have an eye contact. She gets goose bumps, she looks away and pulls her sleeves and acts like nothing happened. He looks directly into her eyes. “Hey” he says. She looks at him in disgust yet looks calm and asks


“What’s up?”

“Anything important?”

“Um yeah.”

“Ok, what?”

“I just wanted to talk.”

“I’m busy. Go from here now.”

“I wanted to just ask one thing. Why did you stop talking to me Kiara?”

“Rudraksh. There’s nothing left to talk.”

Saying this she gets up as the class gets over and takes brisk steps towards the exit. Rudraksh walks or rather let’s say runs behind her “I don’t want to lose you.” She stops for a second, but resumes walking briskly again in no time. Seeing her go, he felt the same way you feel when sand slips off your palm and there’s nothing you can do to make it stop. He shouts “I’ll wait for you in the canteen, please come, all I want to do is talk.” She doesn’t respond even in the slightest, not even turning back.

The bell rings for lunch, Rudraksh rushes to the canteen hoping for her to come, but still some where he knew she won’t.

To Be Continued…



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