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A New Life.

I want to start a new life. With no emotions of my past with me. Everything new. New city. New people.
Why can’t we start a new life? With no drama of being named a quitter or anything by the society. Why can’t i just follow what my heart says? What i want to do. What i will be happy in. What i will be satisfied of. For what i will feel proud of myself. Or why can’t i spend a few days alone? Listen to music, read books, do what makes me happy, or cry whenever i want to. Why not?
I don’t want to be loved nor hated. Don’t love me, because when you leave i will be left alone to deal with the aftermath. Don’t hate me, because I’ll end up hating you even more.
How cool does it sound to just go do something that makes you happy. Cut off all communication from people you know. (Just like Ria- Half Girlfriend )
All i want from life is happiness. I want to make my parents proud. I want to be proud of myself. I want someone who will love me always (and not cheat!) .
Will all this be possible? Maybe not…



Posting things because saying them in person won't make an impact.

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