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I know I’m smexy. Your opinion doesn’t matter. ;)

Why care about someone else when you know how smexy you yourself are? They are just jealous of what you have, something they never will. Some people out here exist just to put everyone down. Now by being smexy i mean being someone who doesn’t care what really people think, you know someone who is bubbly, sensible, smart, fun loving. I know I know you can’t be everything all at once. But trust me all this will surely make you happier.

Bubbly, sensible, smart, fun loving, all these words remind me of my Dad. We all have bad days and then we hurt people close to us out of exasperation, unknowingly. I’ve done that to my Dad, I regret it later, a lot. But he never took anything to heart. He’s always been sportive. Maybe this is why, I admire him a lot. He’s been through a lot in his life. I here cry about my heartbreak but that’s nothing compared to what he’s been through. He’s one of the strongest person I’ve ever known to exist. Left his own house at the age of 25, just to create his own identity. Which he wouldn’t have if he had not left. He came from Allahabad to Pune, with my Mom. Having just 2000 bucks and 2 suitcases with him. No idea of what he would do and how he would do. A big city, with all people running with the same goal as my dad, creating their own identity. Dad is an engineer, but back then the interviewers didn’t see the qualification but the city Dad graduated from. Yeah Allahabad is a small town, so? the people from there become less hardworking than the people from big metropolitan cities? Dad faced rejections. Many, hell many. He still decided to stay back in Pune. It was like he had no other go. When he finally got a job, and everything seemed all nice, one day a contractor at the site insulted my Dad just because he came from Uttar Pradesh (Some so called “high class” people thought people from U.P. and Bihar are illiterates). Dad was asked to leave without a valid reason. It was my Dad’s hard work and my Maa’s love for him that changed our destiny. Hah those people who once insulted my Dad now come to him asking for jobs. Yeah, Karma is a bitch, a fair bitch. Dad has earned respect more than anything else. He’s my hero.

Papa I tried to make this birthday of yours very special. I hope I did. Papa here, I dedicate this post to you. You’re and always be my Handsome Chocolaty Hunk :3 you will always be the most good looking man I would ever have in my life. I feel proud being introduced as *your* daughter at the social events, I hope one day you feel as proud as i do when you will be introduced as Aishwarya’s Father, my Father.

Love you Papa. You’re the best.

Happy 45th birthday. 🙂

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