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Love Relationships Heartbreaks ♥

We fall in love.. and we fall out again, life is all about loving and being loved but the question is if you would be loved back? Will you be treated as important as you treat the other person? Will that person have your back in your difficult times? I am going through a heartbreak, I now know how difficult it is to forget that person, that one guy who once made you smile, blush, happy. Forgetting all of that is just not easy. You listen to a love song-you think of him, you hear your phone ringing and think of him, you go to that place and you remember your first kiss. How special it was. How perfect it was. How you thought. How you felt. How you loved. It’s difficult to let go girl, I know, but that guy was not the one for you. He never deserved you.

Smile because you’re beautiful. Smile girl you’ve a strong heart. You’re strong enough to love, that guy wasn’t. Let go.. there are better things to hold on to. Better things to live for, go through, enjoy, and most importantly love yourself. You’ll be over him soon. You’ll forget the pain. Start your life from a new fresh. Dance it out. Go for a walk. Talk about it. Focus on what you can control. Reminisce about good times. Ask for a hug. Look for opportunities in Life’s challenges. Never give up.

Dedicated to all the girls who once loved someone and are strong enough to live their lives with a smile no matter how broken they feel inside. Keep smiling girl. Life is beautiful.



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