You seem so far away

Leaving notes for you on the bedside was the best part of my day, what would make it better is coming back home to back hugs and kisses in reply. We tried making dinner ourselves and always ended up ordering take away, that never stopped us from cooking. I don’t think we even did it for dinner, we did it for each other. When I was being difficult and crying ugly because that was all i knew that made my demons less scary, you were there thinking, “She looks so cute when she cries” I know because you told me. Why aren’t you here to do that again? I woke up one day and left notes for you only to come back to them staring back at me. Your scent is long gone from the bedsheets. The mirror doesn’t see you shave every morning, I wonder if it wonders. It’s been so long since the last touch, it seems so far away. There’s no one here to complain about me taking too long to get ready. All I have are four walls that aren’t homely any more because you took that feeling with you when you left. Why aren’t you here? Where are you now? You seem so far away.


*I* might not be *your* priority anymore but know that my life will still go on. I’m going to be disheartened for a while but it’ll be okay. I might not be able to eat my favourite food or listen to my favourite songs because they were all your favourites but after a long time I’ll like things because they appeal me and not because of you. I might not wake up in the morning and get a text from you but know that I won’t be needing your messages, for I am enough for myself. I won’t be crying for you. No I won’t be waiting for you to come back. Yes I’ll have a life without you. Most importantly I’ll learn to love again, not you, someone else. I’ll have a million amazing and depressing moments but you won’t be a part of them. If we bump into each other and pass by like we never shared anything special, I know you’ll turn back to look at me but know that I won’t because *you* won’t be *my* priority anymore.

It’ll be beautiful

You will wake up one morning and not regret being alive, look into the mirror and not hate your features. You will wear your favourite clothes again, with a smile on your face still thinking if to eat pancakes or aloo ke parothe. You will step out of your home and smile when you feel the fresh air. You will enjoy your bike rides again, laugh till you cry, spoil your white t-shirt while eating your favourite ice cream, paint and have colors all over your face, dance on your jam with your fam, again. It will all happen again, maybe not today but someday you will have the strength and happiness and it’ll be beautiful.


Years later when I meet you I do not want to regret not telling you everything I have always loved about you. I do not want to “think” of all the things we could have done, together. I do not want you to think that I did not try enough. So stay, please stay. I do not want to remember you as an incomplete memory. I do not want you to remember me as one, either. So let’s stay, forgetting the hurricanes in our lives and the fights that we do and look at each other remembering why we started. Let’s stay in this moment and realize that this is not the last thing that we want to remember about each other, this is not what we want to be buried with us on our last day. Stay. Just stay. Because years later, I do not want to bump into you, and stand there thinking, we had almost made it.

Maybe we’ll meet again

When we grow up, I might figure out something to do with my life and you will hopefully fulfill your dreams, I hope we cross paths again. I hope we don’t pass each other like strangers. I hope we pause and hug, like we used to. I hope that wouldn’t be it, I hope we let each other enter our worlds again, like we used to. I hope we do it all again, like we used to. I hope we both grow as individuals but I also hope we remain the same, like we used to. I hope you’re happy to see me again, because I definitely will be. But now, I’m a mess and you are too responsible. So I hope we meet again when I learn my responsibilities and you learn to live, and then these promises we left behind won’t be just words. Maybe time will mend it all and make it like it’s supposed to be. Maybe we’ll meet again, for the incomplete ending.

Tell me everything you have ever been scared to say

Let’s sit on rooftop at 2 am, confessing things that will stay only between us. Things that have been killing our insides. We’ll sit on rooftop with a beer bottle in our hands passing it to each other after every sip we take. Let’s vent out the bitterest emotions, the bitterest memories we’ve ever been through. I’ll listen to your story and you’ll listen to mine, without judgements without worries about tomorrow. Let me peep into your soul and discover the scars that remind you of your regretful past. Let me help you in fading them away. Let me replace them with kiss marks. Those kiss marks won’t become another regret, I promise. You will be all over me naked, emotively and let me discover ways to please you. You will pull off my mask and learn the real person I am. I’ll break walls and so will you, we’ll let our emotions make love while we lay next to each other drunk and snuggled up in a tiny blanket talking about the universe and all the stars it holds. Oh darling, stay up with me all night and tell me everything you’ve ever been scared to say.

Puberty please be gentle on my skin

Puberty. Puberty, brings hope for all of us. For some it brings hope of becoming a bombshell, for some growing by a few inches to reach a decent height. But with hope, puberty also brings skin problems 😢. Here are a few homely remedies that will help you in your struggle.

1. How to deal with acne:
We all are aware of the benefits of Aloe Vera gel, you can make Aloe Vera gel at home too! All you need to do is take some Aloe Vera and slice it into half. Use a spoon or a knife to scrape out the colorless jelly into a bowl. Now blend it for 5 minutes and there you have your Aloe Vera gel ready!
Apply the gel on your face like you apply your moisturizer, except you need to wash it off when it dries.
2. Getting rid of blackheads:
Apply Aloe Vera gel as usual. When the gel dries, use a wet sponge to remove the blackheads.
3. Tata-byebye to chapped lips:
Applying a thick layer of lip balm or petroleum jelly before a hot shower helps the jelly penetrate into your skin properly. It will remove the dead skin layer and give you luscious lips. (Sounds seductive, I know 😂)
4. Short and thin eyelashes? Worry no more:
Apply petroleum jelly on your eyelashes with your fingers or an old (but clean) mascara wand before hitting the bed. This will help your eyelashes grow longer and thicker.
*But remember to wash it off the next morning.
5. Twice a week:
Choose a face pack that suits your skin type. I prefer the Himalaya Neem Face Pack. Use it twice a week and done! A good face pack will help prevent most of the skin problems.

These remedies will help you to an extent. Some might not work as per your expectations but one thing that will never disappoint you is Water. Drink lots of water. It will not give you instant results but it will help you in the longer run.