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It’ll be beautiful

You will wake up one morning and not regret being alive, look into the mirror and not hate your features. You will wear your favourite clothes again, with a smile on your face still thinking if to eat pancakes or aloo ke parothe. You will step out of your home and smile when you feel the fresh air. You will enjoy your bike rides again, laugh till you cry, spoil your white t-shirt while eating your favourite ice cream, paint and have colors all over your face, dance on your jam with your fam, again. It will all happen again, maybe not today but someday you will have the strength and happiness and it’ll be beautiful.

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Years later when I meet you I do not want to regret not telling you everything I have always loved about you. I do not want to “think” of all the things we could have done, together. I do not want you to think that I did not try enough. So stay, please stay. I do not want to remember you as an incomplete memory. I do not want you to remember me as one, either. So let’s stay, forgetting the hurricanes in our lives and the fights that we do and look at each other remembering why we started. Let’s stay in this moment and realize that this is not the last thing that we want to remember about each other, this is not what we want to be buried with us on our last day. Stay. Just stay. Because years later, I do not want to bump into you, and stand there thinking, we had almost made it.

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Maybe we’ll meet again

When we grow up, I might figure out something to do with my life and you will hopefully fulfill your dreams, I hope we cross paths again. I hope we don’t pass each other like strangers. I hope we pause and hug, like we used to. I hope that wouldn’t be it, I hope we let each other enter our worlds again, like we used to. I hope we do it all again, like we used to. I hope we both grow as individuals but I also hope we remain the same, like we used to. I hope you’re happy to see me again, because I definitely will be. But now, I’m a mess and you are too responsible. So I hope we meet again when I learn my responsibilities and you learn to live, and then these promises we left behind won’t be just words. Maybe time will mend it all and make it like it’s supposed to be. Maybe we’ll meet again, for the incomplete ending.

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Tell me everything you have ever been scared to say

Let’s sit on rooftop at 2 am, confessing things that will stay only between us. Things that have been killing our insides. We’ll sit on rooftop with a beer bottle in our hands passing it to each other after every sip we take. Let’s vent out the bitterest emotions, the bitterest memories we’ve ever been through. I’ll listen to your story and you’ll listen to mine, without judgements without worries about tomorrow. Let me peep into your soul and discover the scars that remind you of your regretful past. Let me help you in fading them away. Let me replace them with kiss marks. Those kiss marks won’t become another regret, I promise. You will be all over me naked, emotively and let me discover ways to please you. You will pull off my mask and learn the real person I am. I’ll break walls and so will you, we’ll let our emotions make love while we lay next to each other drunk and snuggled up in a tiny blanket talking about the universe and all the stars it holds. Oh darling, stay up with me all night and tell me everything you’ve ever been scared to say.

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Take a break (Part V)

Previously: Take a break (Part IV)

Arjun looked into her eyes and said, “Your eyelashes are not long” Simran looked at him in disbelief. Arjun laughed and Simran joined in later. Arjun had to leave, after he left Simran locked the door and stood there in silence. Arjun started running towards his house, he wanted to reach before Simran got to know that he’d left his cellphone at her house. He wanted to meet her again. His ma hugged him as soon as he reached, he hugged her back. Arjun couldn’t sleep that night, all he could think was of Simran. He fell in love with the sparkle in her eyes when she spoke about something she loved, he fell in love with her fearlessness, her dimples, the way her tiny nose and ears turned red when she blushed, her soft lips that almost met with his. He thought of that moment when he was the closest to her. There was a tension between them before Arjun spoiled the moment, he regretted it now. Arjun gets up next morning and sees his ma packing her clothes. “Where are we going ma?”
“No we, only me. Your mama is going to pick me up in 2 hours, we’re going to Shirdi.”
Arjun looked at her as she ran all around the house for a thing that was in the bedroom itself. His mama reached and pulled his cheeks like he were a chubby 10-year-old. Arjun watched them as they left. His thoughts were interrupted by a telephone call. He picked up and Simran spoke from the other side, he felt butterflies in his stomach as if she was in front of him. “Am I talking to Arjun Deshmukh?”
“Yes Simran Sherawat, you’re talking to me” Arjun laughed.
“Mr. Deshmukh, you left your phone on my dining table. Come and take it.”
“Oh! So it is at your house, I’ve been searching for it since morning.” Simran knew he was lying but she let it be.
“I’ll be there in an hour, is that ok?”
“Ok. See you”
“See ya”
Arjun got ready, cautiously choosing his clothes and his perfume. He left in his car. Simran’s house was a 20 minute drive from his house. Arjun rang her bell and she had flour on her nose and cheeks, seemed like she had been baking something. Arjun gets in and sees his phone lying on the dining table.
“I saw your phone when I sat there to have my breakfast. I called you right after that.” She smiled.
“Oh. What are you baking btw?”
“Cookies. I’m baking cookies for my next video.” Arjun and Simran giggled as they remembered their last video’s experience.
2 hours into baking and they looked like flour ghosts. Simran threw some flour on Arjun playfully and he took it to another level. While the cookies got ready, Arjun put his arms around Simran as they watched their video together. They ate the cookies sitting on the kitchen floor. Arjun wiped off Nutella from her lips, how badly he had wanted to kiss them. “When do you have to go back to Mumbai?”
“In 3 days, but I can stay here for another week. My boss wouldn’t mind.” Arjun pauses. The tension between them could be cut with a knife. Arjun pushes away the cookie bowl and leaps and kisses Simran. He stops in between and looks at Simran, he heard her whisper something under her breath. He whispered, “I love you too.” Simran pulls him and kisses him passionately. Simran ran her fingers through his hair and he pulled her closer to him. In that moment they knew, this was it.
“The time I spent with you felt like a break from my otherwise boring life but now I want you to be a part of my life, I want to see you everyday…” Simran interrupted him, “Are you always this boring?” Arjun had a poker face. Simran giggled and kissed him again, did they need any more words to describe what they felt? Nah!

2 years later.

They were having a Haryanvi marriage. Around Arjun there were Haryanvi women speaking something in the local language which seemed scary to the Marathi speaking Arjun. He didn’t get a word but assumed they were blessing him. But when they stopped talking, Arjun looked in a direction and saw a group of women coming towards the mandap, there he saw a woman dressed up in a red-gold Phulkari. He was in awe after seeing his bride, their eyes met and both of them blushed. Well, that was some masala for the aunties around.
They went to Maldives for their honeymoon, as Simran enjoyed herself at the beach Arjun clicked pictures of her. He stopped to look at her, she loved beaches and he loved her.
Ma stayed back in Pune to take care of her NGO. She loved children and so she started an NGO for the welfare of orphan children. Simran moved to Mumbai with Arjun and started her own business.

None of them knew a ‘break’ could change their lives like this.
So, When are you taking a break?

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Take a break (Part IV)

Previously: Take a break (Part III)

Simran tells the idea and Arjun looks at her in shock with his mouth wide open. “No! We’re not doing this. No!”
“Simran?! Where are you going? No we’re not doing this!”
Simran didn’t listen to anything that he said. She handed him a pair of clothes and asked him to change. He had no option but to do what she said, after all he had promised her. After they change, they stand outside a grocery store and Simran waits for the shopkeeper to signal her. Simran starts following a man and so does Arjun. Out of nowhere Simran’s partners appear. They stop the man and tell him to show the contents of his bag, the man was taken aback to see policemen standing before him, asking him to show the contents, he does it anyway. Simran comes running towards them and looks into the bag, she pulls out a tiny bag containing a dozen of eggs. She takes out an egg and drops in on the footpath, to everybody’s shock there was no egg yolk/white. There was white powder all around the broken egg-shell. Simran looks at the man and accuses him of being a drug smuggler, she held him by the collar and pushed him in a car. Arjun was supposed to act like their boss but instead he was scared, like a chick would be of an eagle. The other partners in crime put hand cuffs around the man’s wrist. Arjun tried stopping them when the man started crying. They all stopped, it was awkward to see a 40-year-old sitting in a car crying like a toddler. They point towards a hidden camera in the car and tell him to calm down as it was only a prank. He gets mad, he takes out his phone and calls someone. Suddenly there were real policemen surrounding them. Simran looked around and there was only Arjun with her, the other partners ran away. Simran looked at Arjun apologetically. They got to know that the man they were playing pranks on was the MLA’s son-in-law. Simran and Arjun were in a locker. Arjun looked at Simran and giggled, his giggles turned into laughter, Simran looked at him, horrified. She thought he’d got a shock, she was worried for him. Arjun hugs her and says there’s nothing wrong and that they’d leave them by evening. He explained that his father was a lawyer and had contacts, the police officer sitting in front of them knows Arjun since he was 9. Simran gave a big sigh of relief, but it also meant that Arjun’s ma will get to know about all this nuisance. Simran apologized for all that she did. Arjun low-key enjoyed it, he had never done anything like this before. It was in that exact moment that he realized how boring his life was before, he did not like his job and his life back in Mumbai. He understood that he needed a break like this, his mind and body needed to take a break. They spoke about anything and everything in those 10 hours of being prisoners. They spoke about love affairs, what they wanted in their lives, their ideal marriage, etc. Those 10 hours felt like 20 mins to Arjun, he adored Simran, he adored the sparkle in her eyes when she spoke about her dreams, he adored how she would make a face when she spoke about something she didn’t like, he loved it when her ears turned red when she blushed. She’d just graduated and was taking some time off to figure things out. Arjun found himself attracted to her, he asked himself ‘Do I love her? Maybe.’
It was 9 pm, the police officer opened the locker and told him that his mother was on-line. He picked up and, he did not have to say a word, his mom shouted from the other side and all he could do was listen and agree to whatever she was saying. Ma finally hangs up. They step out of the police station and there were Simran’s partners, ex-partners now. She did not say a word, she held Arjun’s hands and walked away from them. They tried stopping her but she didn’t. Her house was at a distance of 500 mts, she took him home. She lived in an apartment alone, all by herself. Her parents lived in Pune itself but she moved out because she wanted to be independent. Her house had everything in place, Simran seemed to be like Arjun’s ma. She gave him his clothes to wear. “I’ve to leave, ma must be waiting” said Arjun. Simran held him by his elbow and hugged him. Arjun stood there startled, she seemed to never let him go. Arjun looked in her eyes and..

To be continued.

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Take a break (Part III)

Previously: Take a break (Part II)

One of the three men comes forward and punches Arjun. Arjun punches the man back with three times force and his senses stop working for a second. The other men look at Arjun in shock. The girl hiding behind Arjun starts laughing. The men look at her and then at Arjun and join in her laughing. Arjun thought they were psycho and starts moving away from them without making them notice it. The girl holds his hand and Arjun gets paranoid. Instead she points towards a hidden camera and tells him that she was a Youtuber and was playing pranks on people for her next video. Arjun gives a big sigh of relief and starts laughing too. He gives the man he’d punched a bro hug and apologizes, they all laugh out loud. The girl’s eyes fall on another man who’d be perfect for her prank and starts following him, the three men go behind her. Arjun sits on the bench and watches as they play the same prank on another person. After the they finish it there, the girl and the men wave each other good-bye and the girl comes near Arjun’s bench to take her hidden camera. They smile at each other and she sits next to him. She puts her hand forward and says, “Simran Sherawat”. Arjun shakes hands with her and introduces himself. Arjun asks her YouTube channel’s name so that he could watch her videos. After that little exchange their eyes lock and there was silence, no words spoken. She gets up first and says she’d to leave, Arjun gets up too and shakes hands. They bid good bye and walk in opposite directions.
Arjun makes tea for his ma for the first time. His ma was surprised. They cook dinner together and finally his ma asks, “What’s wrong with you?” He only smiles back and takes the rice bowl to the dining table. Arjun looks at his ma and her face was unusually red, he realises that she had been crying. He doesn’t make it obvious that he saw her crying. Ma hated when she cried and hated it even more when someone caught her crying. They have their dinner in silence. “Ma why don’t we start packing? You’ll have something to do, it’ll be nice” said Arjun. Ma only nodded. Arjun got an ice cream tub for his ma, she loved ice cream. After insisting a lot she agreed to watch movies. She and Arjun sat and watched movies the whole night. The next day they woke up late. Arjun made breakfast for his ma. She liked it when Arjun cared for her. Arjun helps her with the dishes. Ma gets a call from one of her friends who invited her to her grandson’s baby shower and naming ceremony. Ma says no at first but after Arjun insisted she agreed to attend that function. Arjun took ma to the venue, the grannies and aunties take his ma away and Arjun was left behind. Arjun looks around and he finds the same girl he’d met yesterday, Simran. Simran was standing alone too, Arjun walks towards her and says hi. Simran looked so glad to see somebody she knew. They honestly did not care about the function they were there for the food. They get themselves food, a lot of food.

Uhm, I get it that you work at a high position for Varija, but tell me about you, what about YOU?” Asked Simran. “I am a very boring person, what do I tell you?” Arjun laughed. Simran narrowed her eyes and said, “Why don’t you join me in my next video? We’re playing pranks on people.” 


“This time it’s going to be different! Trust me.” 

Arjun thought for a while and said yes. Simran squealed out of happiness. They exchange their phone numbers. Arjun does a backtrack in his head. 😂

“So tomorrow it is. Come to the same park and we’ll start our work” Simran said, rubbing her palms. She laughs at her own gesture. Arjun joins in.

When the function gets over they smile and part ways. In the car, ma asks about Simran. He tells her how they met and ma laughs her heart out. “You like her, don’t you?” Asked ma. Arjun shook his head and drove seriously. Ma sleeps within minutes of reaching home, she was very tired. Arjun kisses her forehead and puts the lights off. The next day he wakes up early and is in the park on time, Simran tells him the next video’s idea.

To be continued

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Take a break (Part II)

Previously: Take a break (Part-I)

Arjun starts running towards his car and jumps into the driver’s seat. He came running to his car but as soon as he sits, he freezes. After sitting there for a while he starts driving, he drives to Pune. Non-stop for 3 hours. He parks his car outside his house and gets in. There were close relatives and friends at home. He sees everybody sitting around his papa’s picture and his dead body and a pandit chanting something. His mother looks up and is surprised to see her son standing at the door with tears in his eyes. Ma gets up and hugs him tightly. Ma and beta have a moment there. The prayers are done and now Arjun had to do the most difficult task of his whole life. He had to carry his father’s body to his funeral. As he carries his body, he realises how he had failed to understand the value of memories before this moment. With each step put forward there came a memory before his eyes. He sat next to his papa in the jeep. He looked at his face. He still looked like the best lawyer who’d do anything for his job. Lawyer skills ran in his veins, you know. ‘Those skills won’t leave him even in his next life’ thought Arjun. Arjun had to give his father the final goodbye. Watching the flares rise as they consumed his papa, Arjun felt a knot in his throat. On his way back home he gets a call from his boss. He tells him the situation and informs him that he’ll be back in a week, before the boss could say anything Arjun hung up. When he reaches home, he sits next to his widow ma. He looks around his empty house. They have dinner in silence. For the first time in 5 years he realized how old his ma had grown. He asks his ma to move with him to Mumbai. To which she agrees but not before spending a few days in their old family house. Arjun sleeps next to his ma that night. He felt peace, his breath calmed. He had almost forgotten what it felt like to relax. Sleep came to him within minutes.
Arjun wakes up the next morning and finds himself sleeping on his papa’s side of the bed. It takes a while to realize he is no more. His ma was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Ma’s name was Sumati Deshmukh. From Arjun’s childhood she’d made sure to put a strong front before him, she was an ideal figure for Arjun. Arjun goes in the kitchen and hugs her from behind. Sumati tells Arjun about this girl she knew who’d be perfect for him. Arjun makes a face and she laughs. “When are you going to marry? You’re 27 and single. Do you have a girlfriend? Do you like somebody? Are you still a virgin?” Arjun looks at her in astonishment. Ma stops what she was doing and makes a serious face, “Are you gay?!” “MA?!?” both Arjun and ma laugh their hearts out. They have their breakfast together. Ma spent some time with her friends and Arjun went for a walk. He sat on a park’s bench and listened to music for some time. A girl comes running towards him, it seemed like she was running away from someone. Arjun gets up and she hides behind Arjun. There were 3 men before him, all muscular and young. Arjun is scared, very scared. One of the three men comes forward and is about to punch him.
To be continued.

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Take a break (Part-I)

He headed to his office from his old 1 BHK apartment, in his same old car. He spent his whole ride cursing Mumbai traffic. He is Arjun Deshmukh. A  27 year old man who leads a very boring life but he has a job that pays off his expensive bills. Arjun reaches his office and enters the elevator. He is forced to smile and greet his boss. As they step out, his boss asks him to meet him in his cabin in an hour. Arjun nods and starts walking towards his cabin. He sits on his chair and takes a look at the to-do list for the day. The list included tasks like completing the sales presentation, checking unread emails, paying bills, etc. As he was lost in his thoughts, the peon knocks and informs him that the boss wants him in his cabin in 5 minutes. Arjun rushes towards his boss’s cabin. The boss had a real name too, Mr. Subhash Katheriya. Arjun knocks at his door and Subhash looks up from the laptop screen and signals him to take a seat. Subhash starts off seriously but what he says later, puts a big smile on Arjun’s face, Arjun was one of the most promising employees of Varija Pvt. Ltd! He was chosen to get a contract that could shoot up the company’s reputation in the market by 10 times! He had to give a presentation in a week and convince the business tycoon of the city, Mr. Sameer Singhaniya to invest in their company. If Arjun was successful in getting the contract for the company he would be promoted and he would get a salary raise too! Arjun was on cloud nine, he was waiting for an opportunity like this since- what seemed forever. He goes to his cabin and starts working on his presentation without wasting any time. He gets so engrossed in his work that he forgets about everything else. His mother called him everyday since the news of his promotion hit her but Arjun would ignore her calls saying that he was busy and that he would call later. Eventually his mom stopped calling. He had put his best in the presentation. Finally, the day comes and Arjun gets ready for his big day. He looks into the mirror and says, “I can do this.” As he heads towards the car parking he gets a message that said that his father is no more. The world stops for Arjun. He didn’t see that coming, he felt sorry for his mother. He felt guilty for not being there when she needed him the most. He wanted to hug his ma and say sorry for his huge mistake. He calls his mother and she picks up, she starts crying about her husband’s sudden death. He died from a heart attack, the doctors couldn’t save him. Arjun feels guilt. He promises to meet her after his big presentation. She blesses him and hangs up. Arjun sits in his car and leaves for his office. He reaches and the peon tells him that the boss was waiting for him in his cabin. Arjun enters his cabin and the boss throws a I’m-so-sorry-look at him. Arjun was surprised at that, the boss then tells him that Vivek Sharma-Arjun’s colleague stole his idea and gave it to Vikas Pvt. Ltd. and now he was the new CEO of the company. Arjun’s dreams shattered right there. He had been waiting for this opportunity for far too long and someone else took it away like it never belonged to him. Arjun walks out of the cabin and goes back to his cabin. He sat there for really long, thinking of all the hard work he did. He opens the drawer for his car keys and there was a picture of him with his ma and papa. He actually missed his papa. He gets up from his chair in a jolt and starts running towards his car.

To be continued

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Puberty please be gentle on my skin

Puberty. Puberty, brings hope for all of us. For some it brings hope of becoming a bombshell, for some growing by a few inches to reach a decent height. But with hope, puberty also brings skin problems 😢. Here are a few homely remedies that will help you in your struggle.

1. How to deal with acne:
We all are aware of the benefits of Aloe Vera gel, you can make Aloe Vera gel at home too! All you need to do is take some Aloe Vera and slice it into half. Use a spoon or a knife to scrape out the colorless jelly into a bowl. Now blend it for 5 minutes and there you have your Aloe Vera gel ready!
Apply the gel on your face like you apply your moisturizer, except you need to wash it off when it dries.
2. Getting rid of blackheads:
Apply Aloe Vera gel as usual. When the gel dries, use a wet sponge to remove the blackheads.
3. Tata-byebye to chapped lips:
Applying a thick layer of lip balm or petroleum jelly before a hot shower helps the jelly penetrate into your skin properly. It will remove the dead skin layer and give you luscious lips. (Sounds seductive, I know 😂)
4. Short and thin eyelashes? Worry no more:
Apply petroleum jelly on your eyelashes with your fingers or an old (but clean) mascara wand before hitting the bed. This will help your eyelashes grow longer and thicker.
*But remember to wash it off the next morning.
5. Twice a week:
Choose a face pack that suits your skin type. I prefer the Himalaya Neem Face Pack. Use it twice a week and done! A good face pack will help prevent most of the skin problems.

These remedies will help you to an extent. Some might not work as per your expectations but one thing that will never disappoint you is Water. Drink lots of water. It will not give you instant results but it will help you in the longer run.